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lomo saltado

seco de carne  con frejolesHave an event or work function coming up? We will gladly prepare and deliver all of your food, utensils and condiments so you can enjoy the fun! Rokagi Restaurant has numerous party platter and catered even options to choose from, you can request more information by using the form below or calling (240) 683-0902.

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We can accommodate small, medium and large parties or work events, so long as you place your order at least 24 hours in advance. We will arrange delivery options with you to best suit your needs, and we may also be able to provide help in serving the food should you have a need there also. Once you let us know the size of your party, and the type of dishes you wish to have, we will simply need to make sure we have all of the required ingredients to satisfy your order. Should there be a shortage of any particular item, we will give you ample notice and make arrangements to find a solution that works for us all. We want nothing more than to provide top-notch catering services to your event, and we will not allow any issues to get in the way of this. We are a newly formed Peruvian restaurant in the Rockville area that is keen on growing our reputation as one of the best Metro area food providers. There are numerous catering services to choose from, however you can make a real splash at your event with something totally unique and delicious. We have entrees, appetizers, desserts and countless options for allergic appetites, as well.